And we're LIVE!! 🐳🎉

I'm very excited to share with you the official opening of my strategic design practice, Wolf Dog Design. I say "my," but it's really for anyone who actively shapes design as a multi-layered, multi-scalar, ever-morphing instigator of systemic change.

When I shared the news with my mother, she replied not with the standard "congratulations" or "great job," but moved me with her genuine, thoughtful wish that I get smart clients and meaningful work. I could hope for nothing more.

Starting this company is my formal commitment to helping reshape how strategic design is perceived and utilized. In collaboration with other disciplines—the beauty of writing, the creative power of development—evolved design is the tool of real hope for democratized access to education, social & environmental betterment, inclusive civic change, and a more inspired quality of life.

We hope to build up the freedom to create really innovative projects of our own in addition to what clients bring in. Joseph has dreams for all self-driving cars in metro areas. I have dreams for personal health & cultural discovery to be a part of everyday urban walk route planning. I'm sure you have dreams too. Hopefully this practice can make some of them a reality. One step at a time.

Knowing I was going to launch Wolf Dog Design today, I woke up to this article about Hashim Sarkis's belief in design as an agent of democracy, and it felt like serendipity. There is a whole movement out there; it's entrenched in a long history of humanism in the creative arts, but it's also just taking shape, with a lot of folks committed to using creativity in new ways to do good on all sorts of levels. I consider Beyoncé and her cultural music videos to be a part of that group. Because, well, Beyoncé. 

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