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Head of Product & Design
Village for Parents: Forum App for iOS | http://villageparents.co| Jun 2014—Apr 2016
*Awarded Best Navigation by Silicon Beach App Awards & Webby Award 2016 Honoree*

  • Researched sector and interviewed parents to determine what pain point to solve
  • Ideated potential product paths, designed prototypes for each and gathered feedback
  • Led product strategy and designed UI/UX for question and answer app for parents
  • Designed visuals for branding, landing page, ads, PR, social media and fundraising decks
  • Managed development team, product roadmap, build cycles, QA, and our backend CMS
  • Set up metrics and analytics to refine strategies for growth and engagement 
  • Engaged users on the app, on social media, and in-person at marketing outreach efforts
  • Led redesign through Beta, V1, & V2, prioritizing clear navigation, smooth onboarding, feed filtering to make content relevant to each user, and tailored notifications to help retention

Wolf Dog Design: Product Design & Visual Design | 2013—Present, Various Clients

  • Orbeliani: Civic Activism & Donor Aid Platform| http://orbeliani.net | Nov 2015—Present 

Orbeliani is an NGO that facilitates civic engagement while increasing transparency. They asked me to direct all design for their web platform, making it work for existing and prospective donors, vendors, staff and volunteers. I designed their logo, crafted clear messaging, assembled a landing page, designed the UI/UX for the multi-feature platform—prioritizing clear flows and user interaction tools—and produced their demo video. 

  • Stratifund: Equity Crowdfunding|  http://stratifund.com | Mar 2016 - Present 

Stratifund is an early-stage startup that publishes equity crowdfunding opportunities and evaluates the startups accepting funding. They initially approached me to design their key offering: an adaptable, detailed report of their research on startups. I’ve since continued working with them to redesign their website, create tailored flows for distinct user types, and produce more shareable content.  

  • Medium: Publishing Platform| http://medium.com | Nov 2013 

Medium reached out to have me explore the interesting challenge of redesigning elements of the employee experience. I interviewed all employees, led company-wide design thinking sessions, and submitted ideas for short-term changes—such as redesigning the interview process­­—and long term paths to address concerns about culture in the face of growth.


Design Director
Parenteen: Teen Driving App for iOS & Android | http://mavizon.com/parenteen | 2013—2014

  • Led team in ideation on products for connected car space in partnership with Escort, Inc.
  • Designed Drivenet, a gesture-based, eyes-free media & navigation software on a Nexus 7
  • Pivoted to Parenteen, an app to help parents teach their teens safe driving using OBD-II 
  • Designed UI/UX for Parenteen, with user-friendly dashboard, user-selected geomap alerts,  and customized visuals using Google Maps API 

UI/UX Designer
Cadenza: An Orchestral Accompaniment App for iOS | http://sonacadenza.com | 2013

  • Led founders in ideation for an app built on orchestral accompaniment software
  • Designed UI/UX, prioritizing an auditory focus for musical users



Doctor of Design, Harvard University  |  2013
Theories of Aesthetics in Architecture & Film

Master of Science, London School of Economics  |  2009
Urbanization & Development, Distinction  

Master of Architecture, University College London  |  2008
Urban Design, Commendation

Marshall Scholar   |  2007—2009
Two years postgraduate study in the U.K. awarded by the Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission

Bachelor of Environmental Design, Texas A&M University  |  2007
Summa Cum Laude, President’s Endowed Scholar




Installation Artist & Sculptor
Mixed Media  |  http://fhays.com 

Essays & Fiction  |  https://medium.com/@fayeantonia 

Musician & Composer
Piano  |  Released independent album “Mellow” in 2005

Political Campaigns, 2014—Present
Van, TX Tornado Disaster Relief, 2015
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 2012-13


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