• Use design thinking to understand your users, their needs and the grander purpose your product or service speaks to.
  • Determine the key message you want to convey: your unique value, purpose, methodology, scope, timeframe and team.
  • If you want to be help nurture your team, you can use design-thinking as a weekly team-building tool within your company; everyone working creatively together for a time-boxed period to solve a focused problem leads to great ideas, meaningful collaboration—and some good silly fun.


  • Our unique form of writing—informed by diagrammatic design—helps you craft your narrative, conveying your key message in concise, inspiring descriptors, manifestos, mission statements and team stories. Whether going for eloquent or playful, we'll help you find just the right tone to communicate with your users and the broader public.
    Example Deliverables (adjustable): 
  • 2-4 word tagline (action & object) | i.e. "Promoting Creativity"
  • Descriptor (5-10 words)  | ex: Village, “Smart advice from parents like you”
  • 1-3 sentences |  ex: Orbeliani,
  • 1-2 "About" paragraphs | ex: Village,
  • Other: Blog posts, e-mails to users, client reports, PR announcements, investor pitches and social media writing


  • Logo design is so much more than graphic design. We'll work hard with you to get a strong grip on what your logo should be doing for you in various contexts, what it should communicate and how to manifest that visually, so you can compete with the most compelling, top-tier logos out there. We set a clear conceptual foundation before creating any designs, and then engage in a collaborative dialogue over design iterations, however many rounds it takes to get to a beautiful logo that your whole team can be proud of.
  • We will handle the final asset production in various formats for various uses (single color, over imagery, for social media, for print, etc)


  • We'll produce diagrams and Infographics about the inner workings of your product, your process, the industry you make an impact on, the way you affect your users' lives for the better, and other various data points relevant to your product and the field you're operating in. We believe in helping you not be not only a stellar product-maker or service provider, but a teacher: helping others learn what they need to know to be informed citizens and consumers
  • Our imagination is endless when it comes to visual communication: we do everything from finding ways to communicate subjective data, to creating custom maps that showcase your work, clientele, geographic breadth and impact
  • We'll also help you create resonant, funny and/or inspiring imagery for social media in the form of images, graphs, gifs and video.


  • Business cards, postcards, stickers, proposal and invoice design, asset production and ordering.


  • Ranging from simple landing pages to web-application platforms, we combine the identity design services above with top-notch UI/UX, prioritizing clear user flows, responsive layouts, stellar branding and ample opportunities for users to engage with your product in resonant ways.


  • We work closely with stakeholders and users to help make sure you're creating the best solution for your target audience. Our UI/UX design is heavily informed by user research, testing, and technology considerations.  
  • If you just want to think about what your app could be doing better, we offer a consultation with ecommendations for project direction, design updates and a feature implementations for the future.
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